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M.E.T. is an independent Missions Organization with a vision to minister to all who have not heard the Gospel. Our ministry focus is not in urban or semi-urban areas. Research has shown that the spiritually most neglected people are to be found on farms and outlying rural areas.

The tent outreach is an incomparably effective method of reaching large crowds personally. They get a chance to hear the gospel clearly at least once.  



"It is the first time that I have heard the gospel so clearly", is a common reaction where the tent has stood.


How and where do we work?

M.E.T works anywhere in South Africa by invitation of protestant churches, evangelical groups and individuals.


  Hold campaigns.


  Make evangelistic messages available in printed form as well as on CD, in different

    languages, for use during morning devotions on farms, businesses, in homes etc. (see our

    Catalogue for more details)


  Provide helping aids on DVD and CD to get more insight into the complicated world of the

    tribal African. (see our Catalogue for more details)

  Equip the body of Christ (students, farmers, businessmen and church members) who are

    actively involved or who want to become involved in missionary work and wish to obtain

    hands-on experience and training at the tent.


  Provide hands-on training for pastors / evangelists & other lay workers from all recognized

    churches and independent churches or groups, to enable them to meet the spiritual needs of 

    their own people (e.g. ministry to sick, preaching etc.) on a sound Biblical basis.


Our country finds itself in the midst of an enormous outreach challenge and with an open door. Our tents draw huge crowds who are truly thirsty for the word of God. In spite of the tent teams, we are merely scratching the surface of this huge need. Our prayer is that the Lord would burden Christians with a passion for the salvation of the lost souls of our country.



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