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How can I get involved?

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Our country finds itself in the midst of an enormous outreach challenge and with an open door. Our tents draw crowds who are truly thirsty for the word of God. In spite of the tent teams, we are merely scratching the surface of this huge need. Our prayer is that the Lord would burden Christians with a passion for the salvation of the lost souls of our country.

You can get involved by:

  Young people can gain practical experience by working at one of the tents for a period of time.

  You (or your Bible study group or church) can get involved in distribution of Bible, tracts, cassette, CD's and DVD's.

  You can "adopt" an evangelist by supporting him/her financially and in prayer. 

  The tent action is a very costly undertaking. You can contribute towards the overheads through a stop order for salaries, maintenance of vehicles, apparatus, petrol etc.

  You can bring M.E.T. to the attention of your friends, church and others.

  You may become a prayer partner by regular intercession on our behalf as well as by fasting and praying with us on every first Sunday of the month.








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