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Evening Program


Daily Program



What is the character of a tent campaign:

  The campaign program builds up to a climax.

Each evening service has a theme, and every speaker taking part will touch on a facet of the theme.

The first few evenings deals with sin and the lost condition of man as well as  brokenness and humbling as characteristics of true repentance.

On the following evenings the redemption of Christ is fully explained.

Then follows controversial issues such as ancestral worship.  Certain non- Christian church groups e.g. Zionists and other superstitions are thoroughly examined.


It is only at the end of the campaign that we give people a opportunity to make a commitment to the Lord.  The reason for this is so they have time to understand and count the cost before making such a life changing decision.


The mission of the Church is missions. You must go or send a substitute!!
- Oswald J. Smith -


A typical day starts at 8 to 10am with Bible study and prayer.

From 10am-3pm people are invited for personal evangelization and prayer.  


Our experience is that ministry to the sick and demonically disturbed provides an excellent opportunity for evangelism. (Mark 16:15-17)

This enables us to reach people that we would normally not have reached. Personal evangelization is not done on a superficial level.


Follow Up - Who takes responsibility?


Parenting requires responsibility. For this reason we do not wish to leave "spiritual babies" behind upon completion of a campaign. The initial campaign lasts for approximately 14 days and thereafter the converts receive spiritual nurturing for the following 14 days. A campaign is not undertaken unless the host is prepared to take responsibility for the new converts or is willing to sponsor the tent to continue for longer than a month.




 What we see encourages us to keep going. The lives of criminals, stock thieves, immoral people, pastors and families are changed by the Word of God.




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